1966 Corvette and 1977 Z28 Camaro Found In Storage Unit

Barn Find Posted on January 14, 2018

Some times you just dont know how close to you the cars are hidden, case in point a 1966 Corvette Coupe and 1977 Camaro Z28. Now, when I say close I mean a mile from our shop and a mile from my house, these two where actually parked in storage units located right in the middle between our shop and my house, a place I passes ever day to work and back home again in the evening. We knew the family and knew they had an old car or two, but never seen them or had ever talked to them about them. Its one of those storys that you get a call one day to come look at some cars, and you could basically walk to the place. Whats even crazier is when you get their and your talking to them and they say yea its a 1977 Camaro Z28, and your thinking sweet, and then they open the wrong storage unit and your looking at a 1966 Black Corvette Coupe, and they tell you o yea this one is one we are going to sale as well. Well at this point the 77 has completely slipped are minds and we are looking at a Factory Black on Black 1966 Corvette Coupe, and not just any old Coupe, because to start out Black is the rarest color on any early corvette, but a Factory Numbers matching L79 327/350Hp 4 Speed Black Coupe with AIR. Talk about a jaw dropping moment, to not only find one thats black but to be an air car thats numbers matching is incrediable. Specailly, when you add on the fact that the car is knock off wheels and Side Exhaust with a few other neat options, this one just blows you away. Once you regain your speech back from looking at the Vette, you remeber they have a second car they want to get rid of, and you ask to look at it as well. And im telling you the Z28 was no push over itself. Once you get down to looking at the car its an all Original paint and interior, factory Z28, thats all numbers matching with a 4 speed and just about every option box that could have been checked when ordering the car, well they certainly checked those boxes. The craziest part about both of these cars is the fact that they hadnt been sitting just down the road from us this entire time, but the fact that when we pulled them out and cleaned them up and got them running, you would have thought they had never been sitting in a storage unit but had been shown and enjoyed their entire life. The cars themselves looked outstanding, and with just a couple little fixes they were amazing to drive and enjoy. This just goes to show you, you never know whats just around the corner from you, thats looking to be found.

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