We are a Christian family that has been buying, selling, and trading Classic cars and parts for more than 25 years. Early on, I bought old parts and cars and re sold them as a means to raise my children and it was done with the strong philosophy that you sell an honest product at a fair price and always be straight forward with your customer and they will always return when they need something else. We have since carried that same philosophy into our restoration work by telling the customer what we can do and by not hiding things from them. We hunt the country over for the infamous barn finds and with the grace of god sometimes we find the holy grail of them.  In 2015 we went as a family to Glenwood Alabama and dug a 2 owner 1969 Dodge Daytona out of the barn and then had the chance to bring it to mecum auction where we sold it live on t.v. As a family we run a restoration shop; we buy, sell, and trade classic cars and we enjoy the great people that we have met along the way that have allowed us to continue doing what we love.


We Are Located At:

8850 Irvington BLB Hwy

Irvington AL. 36544