1970 V Code Six Pack GTX Found in the Bushes

Barn Find Posted on October 30, 2017

"One of the biggest pile of junk you have ever drug up to the shop." That is the words of every person that has seen this car since I pulled it in front of my shop, but the craziest part of it all is not the fact of how bad it is, because boy is it bad, and its not the fact of how rare it is, its the fact that I was chasing and trying to buy another car, a real Superbird, and ended up pulling this out of the Bushes. From Chasing Beauty to bring home a Pile of junk, is what happens 90% of the time when looking for these old cars. See I was told of a Orange Superbird in the county next to ours for the longest of times, even was told from people that had seen it just the day before driving down the road. But I could never seem to find it, if not to buy it but to just see it. Because, Im a huge fan of the Winged cars and basically any Rare Muscle Car, and Superbirds rank right up their with them all. After years of hearing about the car, everything seemed to go quite for a time. I would ask people who lived in that general area about the car, and they would simpley say that they hadnt seen the car in some time. Its almost as if the car went into hidding or storage. And to an extent that is just what had happened. See one day out of the blue, a close friend of the familys called and said that he had a line on a few cars that might be coming up for sale and wondered if I would be interested and would like to look at them, of course I said Yes and asked when I could come look. The following day I jumped In the truck and Headed out. I was told to meet at a Sign shop, weird I thought, but Ive meet people some crazy place to look at cars before. I simple thought this was a place we was going to meet so I sould follow him to the persons house, nope my Friend was waiting outside their front door, and told me we was going in to meet a lovely little old lady. And boy did he hit that nail on the head, she was one of the sweetest. Her and her husband had owned the Sign shop till he passed away and she was still a working along other family members of hers to keep the shop up and going. Turns out the cars were her husbands and he had passed away some time back and they simple just put the cars away in the back of their building at their house. She asked if we wanted to follow her and away we went. It was just a short ride down the main road throw the county, a road i had traveled a many of times, and a little drive way that turned into a wooded lot. The house and Building sat so far off the road and the trees was so dense no one could have ever known what was back their, but sure enough she opened the door and Bam, Orange Superbird and big tall wing in your Face. The car was a Real Superbird factory 4 Barrel Automatic on the column car, that her husband had had for many years, and a very nice car it was. Along with several other Mopars in their, she went on for atleast an Hour talking about her and her husband and those cars. And after a short peroid and many years of doing this I knew she wasnt ready to get rid of those cars just yet. But, seeing as how I was already their i asked if they were for sale and if so, how much. She in fact put a price on some, including the Superbird, but boy o boy did she think very highly of those cars. I knew then I wasnt buying any of them, but I asked if this was all the cars she had, and she said no, that her husband had a few junk ones out in the woods she needed to get rid of also to clean the place up a bit. So, we turn and walk out of the building and she pointed to area of the woods and said their in their. Walking up to the opening of the woods, which is just large enough to pull a car in or back a trailer into, I look around and notice a few old trucks, and a 4 Door Comet. But tucked away in the corner, up on blocks lies this green Mopar that catches my eyes. Not because its rusted just about slam in two, or parts are laying every where around it because people have taken stuff off it, but because of the stripes going down the side. Their what appears to be either Roadrunner or GTX, and they catch my eye enough that I need to go inspect. Sure enough the trunk lid is laying in front of the car and their is just about zero suspension on the car and its entirely up on blocks and old wheels. But, when I get close I notice its a 1970 GTX, by the front fender marker light and the stripes on it, but their is just about Zero pieces left on the car and it appeard to have been wrecked and sitting since maybe 1971. When I get close I have to clean a small area off the window, just for curisity sake and see if the VIN Number is still their and what motor the car came with. Boy was I taken back when I notice its a V-Code Car, a Real V-Code 440 Six Pack GTX left to root in the woods. I look the car over good then, noticing everything that was still their and what had been taken. Seems several good pieces was still left on it, that it was certainly worth saving. I asked the lady what the story was about that car, and she told me the car was saved by her husband out of a junk yard their in town in the mid to late 70s, because of what it was, and placed their and used for parts and pieces throw the years. I asked for a Price, and when she said a number I told her I would be right back with a trailer to pick it up. With no suspension and the fact of it sitting on blocks, it made for a interesting load, but none the less after a very long time of sitting in the woods, down the highway it went again, just on the back of my trailer behind my truck. 

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